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Poor reviews of Coco's budget guesthouse on Koh Phi Phi.

There are negative reviews of Coco's on various websites like Tripsadviror and Booking.com though we have the majority of
people enjoying their stay with us. If you have a good time you dont always write a review as you consider a good time normal.
In the full months from November to April we will have over 400 guests a month with only a dozen reviews and sometimes
we feel we don't get the reviews we deserve. We are a 1 star Guesthouse.

But firstly, reminders of the good reviews. ;-0).

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...back to the story of negative reviews..


The Fan room pavilion and the Standard Air Con Building are traditional old wooden builings that have thin walls. These
have been typical of guesthouses in Thailand for decades. The Superior Air con Rooms building is made from concrete and has thick walls.

FLIGHTS OF STAIRS With regard to our standard aircon rooms 4 rooms are up 3 flights of stairs AND yes C4 has a floor at an angle (of about 8 degrees).
As with all comments about the rooms, I believe that all the 1 star attributes are fairly described on our website and on all the
websites, like booking.com, that promote us.


NOISE The traditional old wooden buildings of the the fan room and standard aircon rooms are as advertised on our website and on other online
travel agencies. The guesthouse is on the main street and will suffer noisey nightclub people on occasion. For light sleepers these rooms
are not going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.

As to cleanliness, the rooms are religiously cleaned between guests from check out time 11am to 2pm.

Our maids clean the sheets between stays. If guests check in with the recpetion if they have a problem unclean sheets, this issue can be resolved.

The rooms sizes are as advertised by square meter on our website and other online travel agencies.

Room are only made on request as, on a poll of guests over 6 months, it was made to clear to us that people would prefer to choose
whether they had automatic room cleaning or not. The main reason was that it was considered better security if the cleaners did NOT
clean the rooms while the guests were on the beach. This was, I believe, the guest's perception while travelling and not a reflection
on the state of security at our guesthouse which has CCTV and secure safes at reception.

The guesthouse is right next to the jungle covered mountains and we have traditional wooden buildings and sometimes nature can
invade! We are always there to push back nature but guest must make allowances for a 1 star guesthouses.

As to bed comfort, there are many who like good supporting bed and pillows.

Sometimes there can be smells from outside and the neighbours. We have a village location, this is Asia. Sometimes this effects our water
but this is rare.

Wi Fi
All room have wi fi and as with all guesthouses on Koh Phi Phi they come from one source and one supplier. If a couple of guests start
downloading movies it will slow the connection down for everyone. This is why we ask people to use the wifi considerately. The busiest time
is 5pm to 8pm when people come in off the beach. Wi Fi can be slow during these hours.

As to pricing of rooms in peak season when the island is full, Koh Phi Phi prices are considered high but do reflect the cost of doing
business on a remote island. During peak season which is December 20th to January 20th, prices are higher than normal high season.
With regard to changing of the price, reception is given very little leaway to alter the prices that are set by the owners. The
owners have a day by day policy on pricing, ie when the island is super busy the price will go up. This is normal with airlines
and other industries and is becoming more common in the hotel business as we all now use the same online marketing tools.

LOCATION We away from the beach bars that play music very late into the morning. It does take 3-5 minutes to get to the world class Loh Dalum
Charlie Beach at a gently pace. The location of the hotel is clearly marked on our website, google maps and on other online travel agencies.
Our location is reviewed second highest behind our staff score because it is in a dip and away from the noise of the party beach.
It's also, to many, a throw back to the old guesthouse environment of the 1990's which many find attractive.

CHANGE ROOM We consider it normal to ask to change the room if the customer is not happy but this should be done
on the first day, in the first hour of arrival.


  • FREE cancellation a week before check in.

  • PP COCO'S fan room at night

    Coco's happy guests during Loi Kratong festival.

    email: [email protected]
    tel +66 75 601 400
    fax +66 75 601 400

    addreess: Coco's, Moo. 7 Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Province, Thailand.

    facebook:   /ppcoco1
    twitter:       @ppcoco1
    instagram: #ppcoco1
    google+:   +ppcocos

    website :   https://ppcocos.com

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