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Maya Bay

Maya Bay National Park, Koh Phi Phi Island.

Maya Bay is a dazzlingly sight, a common bucket list must and one of Thailands most photographed beauty spots. It certainly is one
of Phi Phi's best things to do. Sheer cliffs drop down into the tropical seas, coral reefs ring the waters and the jewel of Maya Bay Beach sits as a
golden ribbon on it's southern flank. To visit here when there are few about is though you have died and gone to heaven.

Maya Bay is roughly a 400 meter circle of water framed by 150-250 meter cliffs. On the north and west of this lagoon is the entrance where the
best snorkeling can be had on the bouyed reef drop off.

Maya Bay is uninhabited except for the park rangers who live behind the Maya Bay beach, reached by a small track on the way to Loh Samah Bay.
This 250 meter walk is an enchanting experience.

Tourist must pay 200THB to visit the beach. This is often included in a tour (or private longtail or speedboat) though all the tours have different
systems. ie Pay all to the National Park warden, pay half the fee or the full fee is paid in total by the tour.

Maya Bay The Beach

Leonardo di Caprio made a memorable backpacker movie called The Beach in which a large part of the action happens in the unspoilt,
untouched paradise of Maya Bay. Although the film blurs reality a bit, referring to it being near Koh Samui it was most definately shot here in 2000.

Getting to Maya Bay from Coco's

It is a 12 minutes stroll back to the main pier where you can pick up your longtail boat, large tour boat or speedboat for a tour of Maya Bay. Maya Bay
is on Koh Phi Phi Ley the southern of the 2 main Koh Phi Phi Islands. It is just 3 km from the main ferry pier on Tonsai Bay Village.

Best time to visit Maya Bay from Coco's

You can get to Maya Bay through out the year and "The Beach" is well protected from waves and weather by the tall and imposing cliffs. The

best weather is in High SEason which is November to the end of April but there is plenty of opportunity to visit during the monsoon months when
the weather clears out. See the Phi Phi weather page for good detail on when to best judge that.

More images of Maya Bay

A good source of Maya Bay Images can be found at #MayaBay.

Maya Bay


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